Stygians vs Barksists

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 04:51:29 EEST

Sandy wrote:
> C) the TROLLS!!! The Stygians have allies among the city-states,
> they are certainly evil black-magic practitioners, and it's hard to
> imagine a more oppressive situation than humans ruled over by trolls.

Offhand, how 'bout humans ruled over by *elves*? Trolls leave you alone,
mostly, as long as you give 'em big heaps of food.* You could always set a
campaign set after the beginning of the Elf Reforestation of Fronela. The
vile Elven Barksists would set about to radically alter human society to
further their ecological plans, slaughtering those who fail to fall into
line. Human rebels would be forced to fight within a growing Elf forest,
where the forces of Greenery would be able to turn the very woods against
them. Nasty, nasty.

James Frusetta

* Except, of course, when *you're* the big heap of food.


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