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Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 07:01:26 EEST

First, sorry about the lengeth of this post, and the lack of references
and quote. Hayfever makes me iritable and impatient.

Jose Ramos suggested that Pentan Girls needed to bring in the head of an
enemy before marriage. This is similar to the way one of the Locals down
here runs his Pent, where all 'children' must kill several enemies before
becoming an 'adult'. Children are not allowed sexual contact. This is has
provided some MGF into his games, full of violent, horny teens trying to
kill enough people to get married.

The BROO situation.
Sandy said something about 'willing submission' making something not a
rape, but with big warrior god Ragnaglar with a sword (Death) threatens
Thed with rape, her submission is NOT tantemount to desire for the act,
does not make it any more 'wholesome'.

Theds desire was for revenge on the whole stinking world, and Wakboth was
the result of her intentions.

The act of Wakboths engenderment is a result of both the evil, chaotic
intent of Ragnaglar, of Thed (and Malia?). I hope I'm right in
beleiving this rape was after the first incedence of Raganaglars attack,
after Thed petitioned to be made goddess of Rape. When Thed knew Ragnaglar
would do it again without Orlanth as protector, she ploted to bear a
horrible child in revenge, using her fertility powers with twisted

I do not think Ragnaglar, Thed and Malia necessarily were in Ca-hoots,
but they are the responsible forces for the creation of the Devil.

BROO themselves.
Sandy mentioned long ago about Satyr being 'Spirits-of-the-Woods' type
guys, unrelated to Broo.

He also mentioned that the soul of a rapist *may* become that of a Broo.

I had a thought about the 'supernatural' fertility of Broo being related
to their spirit or soul, since we ignore modern biology for most of
Glorantha, should not Broo be spiritual 'Rape-for-pain-and-mayhem' type
spirits, with physical forms just as substancial as the
'Seduction-for-fun-and-love' type satyr spirits? There are many more ways
to view this problem, I think, than the Crimson Bat has eyes.

BTW I LOVE arguing nitty gritty bits about an imaginary world ;-)
I think it helps generate a nice fractured Glorantha to pick our favourite
bits from, a many view-pointed conglomeration of contradictory and
confusing detail from which to baffle our players and characters.

Make mine ambiguous!
Up Irripi Ontor!



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