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Hi all

I picture the modern Pentans as Huns. They ride their horses, they herd
cattle, sheeps and camels and they have wagons.

They hate the Dara Happans for many reasons.
In the past, the Dara Happans herded and rode augners (demi-birds), IMO
the favourite food of those beasts is horse meat. The Pentans then herded
only horses. When a nomad became emperor, he had all the augners killed
and the Dara Happans began to ride horses but they still are those who
despise horses.
Next, when the sun came back, it moved. Divine Yu-Kazgant had spoken, his
true followers had to be nomads.
The Pentans raze towns because it is a mandate from heaven, only slaves
may live in permanent (fragile) buildings. The Dara Happans strongly
disagree with that interpretation.

A change occured when they had to decide what to do with the lesser
beasts they captured. Many decided to herd them and for this their slaves
began to worship Eiritha, the slave goddess of the lesser beasts.
Those who disagreed became the Pure Horse nation who kept true the pact
with Hippoi.
The modern Pentan IMO have kept the worship of those 2 goddess.

The Pure Horse nation changed when it became the Grazelander nation after
it was expelled from Prax. It changed again when the first vendreff were
caught and allowed to live. The last change occured when the Horse
Feathered Queen began to rule.

IMO the Pentan religion is both theistic and shamanic. They have gods
(Yu-Kazgant, Hippoi, Eiritha), great spirits (the four winds, Hare) and
their ancestors.
After the Night of Horrors, some clans kept their noble families. They
became the true solar clans. They still worship Yu-Kazgant, his sons and
his family.
Some lost their nobles but kept their sky spirits worshipers, they have
some sky gods with them but many spirit since they have lost direct
contact with the sun.
Some had such losses that they had to find new protectors very fast. They
began to propriate the four winds in order to survive to the next winter,
they became the storm clans.
IMO the most desesperate turned to the worship of darkness and winter,
pledging their souls to their old ennemies but having an edge during the
harsh winters.

IMO in the west Thed_Seshnela is the awful demon that feeds on rape. They
have no doubt that the broos feed her on purpose, they suppose that the
broos (the other kjralki and the pagans) worship it, but they are not
aware of her role as mother of broos.

IMG a brithini army won't rape. A horal live by the regulation book.
Everything is written in it, where he may sleep, where he may eat in
peacetime and in wartime and when to do it.
Besides the only true humans are the Brithini, raping other humans is
bestiality and it is a caste crime.
That's the good new when a city is stormed by a brithini army. The bad
new is that any prisonner is brought to the zzaburi and is the target of
hideous magic (taping being the less evil).

Succubi are more frequent in Pamaltela than in Genertela because:
- -Thed is weaker in Pamaltela (there are much less broos)
- -Pamaltela is more fertile than Genertela hence the act produces more
This means that succubi face less competition and have more food, they
are more numerous in Pamaltela than in Genertela.



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