Re: Warrior gals

Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 19:48:12 EEST

Jose Ramos:
       <<In the RW, some tribes of Alans (nomadic tribes that ranged from
Crimea to Spain, from the 5th century BC to the 10th AD, although most
disappeared crossing the Alps to invade Italy) required girls to bring the
head of an enemy before they could marry. [snip] Some girls would reject
marriage and keep on the martial life, so some war god (North war wind, who
they marry?) or goddess (Kargzants wayward daughter) would be appropiate.
[snip] Jane assumes that the Solar Pentians are as stuck up with sex as the
Dara Happans. If nomadic tribes are like in Earth, that is doubtful. When you
have a lot or freedom, and equal roles for both adolescents, you have to be
tolerant. And even if they weren't, the recovering of the Nights of Horror
(we need kids, we need them now) would have relaxed the rules.>>

      Closer still to the Pentans, although very little is known about their
society, the Pazeryk (sp?) culture of bronze age central Asia are known to
have had warrior women. Their graves have been discovered, along with weapons
thoughtfully provided for the afterlife - not just ceremonial weapons either,
but ones that had apparently seen use. The graves discovered are all of high
ranking people (nobles or shamans) so it's not certain whether this practice
was restricted to them, or whether common women were also warriors.

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