Healing rules + infection

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Hi everyone,

me :

> > Actually already with Heal 3 I have a good chance to survive this
> > without any injury and inconvenience.

Pasanen Panu :

> No, you do not. When major part of your body is destroyed, you will
> go into a shock. You might want to roll CON*1 to prevent this,
> otherwise
> you are totally out of any kind of action for a minute, at least.

"And adventurer so damaged [damage equal to or more than twice HPs] from
a blow is in a shock, and can do nothing until healed. He can try to
Heal himself."RQ 3 Standard Rules Book, p.19

I know this is not very clear again but I sounds to me as the adventurer
could do nothing but heal himself (or at least try it). Maybe this is
something like an instinct.

Andrew Joelson :

> I believe the subject of infection, (as in bacteria and virus)
> was discussed some time ago on the digest. The result was that such
> things do not exist in Glorantha; disease is the province of Malia,
> and when you get sick it's because a disease spirit is attacking
> you, like a parasite.

Then I would like to make a small experiment in Glorantha. I wound
miself with a knife deeply in my leg. Now I take dirt found in an
Orlanth temple and put that stuff into my wound. Then I heal my wound
with the dirt inside. After a while what has happened ?

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bye, Thomas

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