Pentan girls

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Wed 01 Oct 1997 - 23:11:54 EEST

I do like the idea of Pentans having to kill an enemy before being able
to marry: just like the Skythians, and they've always been one of my
favourite armies.

On the cattle-owning front: I believe in Prax, only adult women can own
herd beasts. And the definition of "adult", for women, is to have born a
child. If pregancy outside marriage is illegal, that gives all the
incentive you could want!

Giving them more sexual freedom than the average sun-worshipper also
sounds good to me: they've added storm spirits to their pantheon, after
all. But, of course, they'd want to get their killing done before getting
pregnant, as a nine-month bulge would restrict fighting abilities
somewhat. So do we have a bunch of ferocious virgins who turn into
man-hunters of another kind as soon as they've made their first kill? Or
do we have a very effective contraceptive? (Thought: that's Yelorna v.
Vinga in approach. And this is a sun culture moving towards Storm. Mmmm..
sounds like fun! Let's give them both!)

Jane Williams


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