Re: Rape & healing

Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 04:20:52 EEST

Sergio's concept of rape being less frequent in Glorantha as it makes
the perpetrator unclean strikes a definite cord. Cleansing a relative who
raped in battle frenzy could send a party on some very strange paths.

Dirt from Orlanth's temple should be rejected by the body, but if it does
not contain a disease spirit might it not just encyst & gradualy work its
way out? There are records of people having objects lodged in their bodies
for years with no septic effects.

Jane Williams has sent me back to my herbals, one of which mentions the
'Herb Wars' when the College of Physicians was supressing common
knowledge of herbal lore in favour of their more expensive (& incidentaly
dangerous) remidies. Would the CAs try to restrict herbal knowledge so as
to protect a large part of their income?


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