Rape and Chaos and Elan

From: Guy Hoyle (ghoyle1@mail.airmail.net)
Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 02:47:21 EEST

Remember the concept of "elan" from STORMBRINGER? You accrue brownie
points from your chosen deity for performing certain acts sacred to
that deity.

I propose a similar concept for Glorantha. If you perform an act
that is heartily endorsed by a deity, you get "elan" from that deity,
even if you don't worship that deity. The problem comes where you
have several deities who overlap, like gods of war; how do you
determine which one the elan applies to? Maybe there is a cultural
aspect to this, after all.

The elan would then be used simply to determine if the character has
inadvertently become initiated to the deity in question. I don't
think it could be used for DI, as in STORMBRINGER.

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