Geases to kill Red Emperor

From: Pasanen Panu (
Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 09:46:36 EEST

 Ralph Plowman about kids killing Demigods:

 Well, let's assume, that Harsaltar did not take the usual gift/geases,
 but instead used his father's authority and took a massive gift, and
 forced his followers to take the geas! The usual Humakti Heroquesting
 thing, IMO. Something like: do quintuple damage to Lunars. Or then,
 his blade was enchanted specifically to slay Red Emperor, and this is
 a lot easier to get, than a blade which would have equivalent effects
 to anyone hit. And the spirits of Humakti, who died fighting the Empire,
 might have had their part in the show, like disabling all the healing
 spirits and Healing magic powerful enough to Heal Permanent Wound.
 This does not sound likely, but is Lassie likely? Glorantha needs heroes.

 Panu 'Passo' Pasanen.


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