sylphs and death-for-life

From: Carl Fink (
Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 22:39:34 EEST (Andrew Joelson)
> Why doesn't the Lunar Empire's Cult of the Young Elementals provide
> Lunar-types with air elementals/Sylphs?

The explanation given is that the Young Elementals marked the creation
of a new universe in the void created when the Spike was destroyed,
and that universe was "stopped" by the creation of Time before its
local Umath could appear.

I kinda like that, but it's clearly too Theyalan and God-Learnerish to
be right any more.

Probably "the Lunars" have access to air spirits, but not via the
Young Elementals.

If a culture requires everyone (as opposed to their leaders) to kill
an enemy before marrying, and they aren't really tiny, they become
extinct pretty quickly. Think about it.

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