Why No Lunar Sylphs

From: David Weihe (weihe@eagle.danetinc.com)
Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 05:00:38 EEST

> Why doesn't the Lunar Empire's Cult of the Young Elementals provide
> Lunar-types with air elementals/Sylphs?
> But I don't see that this follows mythicly, or even logicaly.
> The newer revalations of GRoY, FS, and particularly the Entekosiad show
> that air goddesses, speficily Molanni and Entekos, are well known in
> Peloria. Is it beyond the power of these goddesses to grant Sylphs?

Molanni is a goddess of Calm Air, not Storm. I will have to reread
the Entekosiad, but I don't remember where Entekos uses any air-related
powers other than levitating her planetary body.

It seems that the Pelorian societies don't willingly access Storm powers.
This doesn't means that they don't have some nasty Airish spells of their
own, like spewing poison gas, but it seems that they shy away from the
Storm aspect of Air like an Orlanthi would shy from a Chaos aspect to Storm.

> You'd think the Lunars would work out a way to get air magics from
> these cults, in order to fight the Orlanthi barbarians in Sartar! Not
> to mention the possibility of getting these magics from the 'Lunarized'
> Orlanthi dwelling in the Empire & its allies, from Bilinni to Talastar.

The Dara Happan faction of the Empire wouldn't lower themselves to use
the "barbarian" magic, and they seem to dominate "Lunar" society. Tatius
may be an Illuminated Lunar Priestess, but he still thinks like a Yelm
Imperator, and he and his kind dominate the Colleges of Magic. What
would have happened if the Goddess hadn't let TakenEgi (let alone the
post-Sheng masks/emperors) become so Yelmized is an interesting question.

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Which is one of the reasons that I think that a non-Solar Lunar Empire
and the Orlanthi would have got along fairly well. Witness the Fazzurites
with Argrath, and Morthander DeVille and Garrath Sharpsword of Pavis.


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