Too young to be a hero ?

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Date: Thu 02 Oct 1997 - 17:47:19 EEST

Hi everyone,

Ralph Plowman asked :

> KoS mentions (p.141) that Prince Salinarg's son Harsaltar was 8 years
> old at Salinarg's coronation.
> 2 years later he inflicted a fatal wound upon the Red Emperor himself!
> Now I know that he "took unbending vows and iron oaths" and gained
> heroic powers from Humakt (which in a way lead to his own death), but
> does anyone else think it just a little bit odd that a 10 year old can
> do this to one of the most powerful men, if not THE most powerful man
> around?
> Views, explanations?

We know that sometimes there are people who are mature long before 18
(and there are also some who do long after). I think Harsalter was one
of them (and Jar-eel was one, too). And he had the power do kill the Red
Emperor because Humakt was at his side. And perhaps the Red Emperor said
something like : "This, boy ? I don't even need a weapon for him !". A
grave mistake ! So Harsalter got a chance and he used it. Sadly, he
somehow had to break his terrible geas and Humakt took him to his
hall. So what is it you wonder about ? His youth ? Just accept that
there are and always will be exceptions, that's what heroes are in my
eyes. Or is it his little experience ? He would be already a deadly foe
if he would only have all regular gifts from Humakt (+50 sword attack
and double damage), not to speak of special ones. That would be without
any spells cast on him. And I see his young as his greatest advantage.
Would you pay attention to a young boy ?

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bye, Thomas

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