From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 15:23:47 EEST

> I believe the subject of infection, (as in bacteria and virus)
> was discussed some time ago on the digest. The result was that such
> things do not exist in Glorantha; disease is the province of Malia,
> and when you get sick it's because a disease spirit is attacking
> you, like a parasite.

Thomas/ :
> Then I would like to make a small experiment in Glorantha. I wound
> miself with a knife deeply in my leg. Now I take dirt found in an
> Orlanth temple and put that stuff into my wound. Then I heal my wound
> with the dirt inside. After a while what has happened ?

        After performing such a ceremony, an Idiocy Spirit will doubtless
answer your invocation and take up residence within your frame. Then,

because it's lonely, it will invite a Disease Spirit to come keep it
company. A Misery Spirit will follow shortly, as everyone knows that
Misery loves company.....
        Of course, if you are a Malkioni, Ikadz will happily accept
this act as a step towards initiation. And as a reward, he will bless
you with a Wound That Does Not Heal. No Disease Spirits here! Of
course not, what a Pagan thing to say!


"Ikadz struck me the other day, but I told him I liked it & he stopped"


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