Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 18:24:23 EEST

Hi all

+ToTRM #16
In the cult of the Red Emperor, I noticed that Etyries is a good merchant
She managed to give the mindlink spell (a common divine magic spell) to
the Red Emperor, although he has already all the common divine magic
spells available <g>.
I propose that she gives create market (in fact create assembly) to the
Red Emperor. With this spell a Red Tribune can give a speech to a crowd
without the risk of cutpurses plying their trade while their victims are
distracted by his oratory skill.

Yara Aranis gives Grow Limb
Grow Limb
2 points, touch, stackable once, temporal
Each grow limb spell gives 2 extra arms to a willing humanoid being. The
extra arms are attached to the torso, are real arms and give him 1 more
combat actions (either parries or attacks) per arm.
For the spell's duration the extra arms give 1 general HP per arm.
Since Yara Aranis is the six armed goddess, the spell can be stacked only
once (ie at most 4 more arms).

It is rumoured that devout initiate of Yara Aranis manage to be affected
permanently by this spell.



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