Elements and balance

From: Jane Williams (janewill@mail.nildram.co.uk)
Date: Fri 03 Oct 1997 - 23:28:47 EEST

Still going on about elements and so on, I'm afraid.

No doubt this is old news to a lot of people, but I just took a look at
the list of elements and their associated colours etc. in GoG. And I
found that the metal associated with Air is Silver. The Moon (not an
element anyway in my book) doesn't get a metal. What on earth is going on

I'm also trying to sort out how animals get attached to the elements: most
is pretty obvious, but I'm still trying to understand how birds can be
Fire rather than Air. I mean, a bird is a creature of the air the way a
fish is a creature of the water. And apart from the Phoenix, birds and
fires generally don't get on. Admittedly the only examples I've heard of
birds specifically associated with sun cults are all large hawks, who
presumably glide more than they flap and are therefore dependant on
thermals, but what about the rest?

Gaylin suggested that whatever system you use, healers are primarily
concerned with balance, and I think she's right. Taking that a step
further and linking it to the ideas about healing plants having spirits.
it occurs to me that healers would need to have to hand plants associated
with each of the elements. Therefore, they would need to convince the
spirits of each plant to be helpful. Perhaps this is one reason why
healers are so famous for being unbiased: if you refuse to heal trolls,
how do you expect to convince a Darkness herb to be your friend?

Jane Williams jane@williams.nildram.co.uk


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