Magic taxonomy (spirit magic)

Date: Sat 04 Oct 1997 - 00:11:54 EEST

Maurice Beyke:

<<> Native Magic
> First, I looked at what RQ3 called "Spirit Magic"; what was called
> "Battle Magic" in RQ2. I dislike both of these terms, the first because
> I believe it misleading, and the second is too limiting. This "branch"
> of magic, I think, needs serious examination.>>

      Personally, I like the term 'spirit magic', although I agree that
'battle magic' seems to be too limiting a term - even though it's supposedly
the actual Gloranthan term (Introduction to Glorantha p15). And I also
disagree that the concept of spirit magic needs serious examination.

<<> Given this, I suggest that this magic be called "Native Magic".>>

     Personally I find 'spirit magic' both more evocative and descriptive,
but each to their own.

<< or even> enchanting the power into one's (or another's) self (no current
mechanic, but> I would like to see it for things like special clan magics,
secret society
> spells, or perhaps even common magic in areas where Sorcery is common). >>

     I'd agree that special clan/secret society magics exist, but I'd think
they're gained from spirits using the existing mechanic, or something very
much like it. I don't see any need for revision here.

<< I would not want to include any of the ritual magic spells in this group,
as I see those as being of a different nature.>>

     I'm inclined to agree, but I could be persuaded otherwise...
<<These> abilities are learned, and so in some ways are like Sorcery, though
I do not> think a seperate skill for each spell is needed.>>

     Greg has (I believe) said that one can improve particular spirit spells
through use, as if they were separate skills. I haven't included that in my
magic mechanics, I admit, although I'm seriously considering it.

<<> o Allow the creation of "temporary enchantments", such as single
> shot magic items, without costing POW. Say allowing one to
> enchant MPs to store a spell for later use. I just don't see any
> PCs sacking POW for this kind of thing.>>

     Seems fair, although I think it should cost some POW to do this;
otherwise PCs (or anyone else) can stack a virtually limitless amount of
magic points if they have enough time to prepare. Say, one point of POW per
five magic points, or fraction thereof.

<<> o Allow multiple casters to pool their efforts to increase their
> power. Currently, the only way to do this is via the divine spell
> Mindlink, but I would like magi to ritually work together to, say,
> increase their chance to overcome a target, or boost the
> effectiveness of a spell. Some way to recreate what the Lunar
> magi did to stop the Cradle in the Cradle Adventure.>>

     Again, that seems reasonable.

<< I would> like a shaman to be able to make an assortment of magical items
> having to beat up a spirit to learn how to do each one.>>

    Why? It seems fine to me as it is.

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