Lunar Sylphs & Boy hero

From: Martin Laurie (
Date: Sat 04 Oct 1997 - 00:06:22 EEST

Several people have commented that the Empire has no access =

to Sylphs - this is not true. The cult of Shargash has a wide range =

of storm powers, including the Command/Summon Sylph spells.

Check out Enclosure for more details but basically Shargash is
the source of the Vadrus myths and you know what a kick ass =

storm god HE was so think along those lines.

Regarding the use of such magics agaisnt the Orlanthi, I'd say it
is limited. Shargashi are _not_ popular in the Lunar army. Many

are considered deranged and some of the more extreme followers =

of the Red Path Heroes are berserkers of the worst kind (in Lunar =

terms). The Elevens are almost as bad but they have dirge backed
feasts of dead foes and huge burnings where hundreds are offered =

to the Devourer in return for strength or even simply to avoid being
eaten by their hungry god.

However, when Shargash are deployed agaisnt the Orlanthi, its a bit
of a shock - espcecially when the Shargash Thunderbolt spell works =

in a clear sky.....


With Humakti gifts and geases the boy could be pretty mean. Remember
that there are a lot more Geases than are listed in the cult. Its possib=
that he traded his life and youth for power by aging himself. So though =
may have been a boy, he could have had the body of a man or more likely
the strength of a man. =

Remember also that the Red Emperor is not always very good at fighting
often he's worse than useless much as Nero was less than effective. =

While he has his guard around him he is magically deadly but it seems
likely that the boy took him out in ambush - breaking a Geas and possibly=

earning a sever spirit for a broken oath. =

Martin Laurie


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