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>>Why doesn't the Lunar Empire's Cult of the Young Elementals provide
>>Lunar-types with air elementals/Sylphs?

> Because the New Creation that started up the Young Elementals
>was aborted before Storm was born. Therefore, only Darkness, Sea, Earth,
>and Sky were formed. If the Lunars wanted to add Storm to the Young
>Elementals, they'd have to re-start the New Creation from where it left

        A lot of people are commenting abut the YE/New Creation getting
interrupted before Storm came along. Could someone please relate what


Jane Williams:
> Wagons? That's the first I'd heard of that idea. Nice one, though,
> differentiates them from Praxians that bit more.
> Do you suppose they have to negotiate with elves to get the wood? (One
> problem the Huns wouldn't have had!)

        There was some discussion of this point at one of the GC IV
seminars. The general concensus was that there were some forests, and
that the were way up north in the moutains NW of the Sweet Sea. These
mountains are on some of the published maps, but the forests aren't.
After all, the Lunars know that Pent is completely flat and tree-less,


Carl Fink
>If a culture requires everyone (as opposed to their leaders) to kill
>an enemy before marrying, and they aren't really tiny, they become
>extinct pretty quickly. Think about it.

        Not true. A Zulu Warrior had to 'wash his spear' (in blood)
before he could marry. A) all zulu males were warriors unless they
were witch doctors. B) this did not apply to the women.
        This resulted in periodic wars against their neighbors, coming
in four-to-seven year cycles, as the boys grew up. The Zulus prospered
through three generations. However, the end came when they ran out of
neighbors (all killed, or fled to British held territoires). Then they
ended up in the 'Zulu War' and got whupped by the British. This is
a gross simplificaction, of course, but the Zulus didn't _start_ as
the terror of the region.
        The rule about washing spears was instituted by Chaka's father
(Zenaconga?), in order to instill martial spirit into his people.


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