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Date: Sat 04 Oct 1997 - 09:55:20 EEST

Steven BArnes:
>The only Broo = Rape connection comes
> from Orlanthi myth. Any such connection (if it even exists)
> would have to be Orlanthi culture specific.

I think you are right here. (Maybe Prax, too.) I don't think the Pelorians
have that myth, frex.
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Carl Fink:
> If a culture requires everyone (as opposed to their leaders) to kill
> an enemy before marrying, and they aren't really tiny, they become
> extinct pretty quickly. Think about it.

Hey, for once we agree! Way to go, Carl! I think the whole "killing
people before you can get married" is a silly idea. What's the myth that
supports it? How does it help the marriage? Wouldn't a demonstrated skill
in survival, ritual, or providing food be a bit more useful? Much animal
combat and ancient human combat was largely bluff - that's why they
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Sylphs among the Lunars:

I agree with Andrew. Among the 100 + deities worshipped in the LE, some of
them have got to have sylphs. I have no problem with Entekos, the sky
mother, enfolding her children in a cloak of air... (only a cad would use
such a blessed spell violently!) If not Entekos, then Shargash. (Who is,
after all, the Dara Happan storm god.) There are also Darsenite gods of
thunder and rain, and countless others.

IF for some bizzare reason none of these deities offer sylphs to their
worshippers, it would be because nobody from that culture has ever
heroquested for that spell. (Individual rune magic is relatively new in
Peloria - only several hundred years old.) But sylphs have been known
about since the dawn in Peloria, so you can bet some bright bean has
figured it out and gained the magic. Likewise, perhaps some stalwarts of

the ancient Rhinliddic bird/Yelm cult have a form of the "Fly" spell.

> The point to their fight in Sartar is to overcome the rebellious wind
> the (DHan) righteous forces, so to use air would be counterproductive.
> (Funny that they don't have an inhibition WRT chaos, but that's the sky
> worshippers for you...

Joerg - you must have figured out by now that the Pelorians are NOT hung up
on the old God Learner elemental/political distinctions. The Sartarite
barbarians are not Storm, and storm is not foreign to Pelorians. The
savages are hostile, and are standing in the way of a nice route to the
sea. And why not use chaos? The Pelorians apparently don't even have a
special word for it. In the Pelorian writings we know about, the term
"monsters" covers chaos, non-chaotic monsters, and barbarians alike.

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