Re: Magic taxonomy

Date: Sun 05 Oct 1997 - 00:35:46 EEST

<<My major question is: do we really need power and magic points? IMO be =
don't. Instead of Power we should use Constitution and instead of MP we =
should use Hit Points or Fatigue. Magic is a natural act for mundane =

beeings in Glorantha that should be done based on the same =
characteristics of any other mundane action.>>

     Personally, I rather like the image of a person who is physically frail
but has great magical power, say an elderly Malkioni wizard or Lhankor Mhy
scholar. If magic is based on CON/hit points you can't do this, which seems a
shame to me. In my system magic is based on WIL, which does have some effects
besides creating magical strength, but isn't as important physically as CON
in RQ. Using willpower also seems better to me with regard to resisting
magic. It doesn't feel right to me to make opposed rolls against your fatigue
or hit points when resisting hostile spells.

<<The most powerful magic would require the sacrifice of constitution or
other characteristics (the RQ example would be divine spells).>>

     Unless you have 'CON gain rolls' somebody with lots of divine spells
would actually have a lot less magical strength than a lower level initiate
(albeit more he could do with that strength). Neither of these options feel
right to me.

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