Some questions for my upcoming campaign

From: Beyke, Maurice A (
Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 16:55:28 EEST

The list has been real slow lately, so what the hey,
I'll ask some questions I have about the campaign I'm
working on getting started.

1) Anyone have a good source for crop and stock (especially
stock) yields in an agrarian society? Especially, how much

butter/cheese/etc. produced per animal, per acre, and how
many man-days of food that is, fodder production per acre,
and how much needed per head of stock, etc. I've found a lot
of info about grain and vegetable yields, but nothing I've
found so far covers the dairy end of the picture.

2) Jeff Richards, I remember when you were starting your ToDP
campaign, you asked if anyone had detailed maps, history, etc.
of DP. Did you get anything, and would you be willing to
share? Does anyone else have anything like this? I'm planning
a ToDP game myself (toying with using the Torkani tribe; they
always appealed to me. But I may use the Varmandi instead,
since there's a lot more written up about them.) so any legends,
stories, timelines would be useful.

3)We know that there has been at least one elf-human crossbreed
in Glorantha; Pavis (though admitted, this was probably done with
strong Youf mojo). Also connected with Pavis, his kids (I

believe) were said to have bred with Flintnail, a mostali. Has
there ever been any troll-human crosses, however? Tuskriders are
called half trolls, but I got the impression that was not
literally true. Any others out there, and how hard would it be?

I would think it would be easier than the other two, trolls being
much more similar to humans than either are to elves or dwarves.

Well, that's all I can think of now.
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