From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 18:14:12 EEST

The learned Joerg Baumgartner wrote that:

>>to mention the possibility of getting these magics from the 'Lunarized'
>>Orlanthi dwelling in the Empire & its allies, from Bilinni to Talastar.
>The best source. If the Lunars want sylphs, they'll get them from Orlanth.
>If they want to fight Orlanth, no sylphs for the nasty Loonies...

Given that the Lunar provinces of Aggar, Holay and Tarsh form the cradle of
Heortling Orlanthi culture, I've long suspected that many battles between
the "Lunars" and the Sartarites/Heortlenders can be characterized as
traditional Orlanthi internecine warfare. During the assendancy of Fazzur
Wideread, I wouldn't be surprised to see sylphs on both sides of the



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