RE: final rape comments & pent wagons

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 20:22:14 EEST

        Steven Barnes

>We all know rape is bad. But I fail to see why it will taint
you with chaos, whereas murder, tortue, mutilation >and genocide will
not. The only Broo = Rape connection comes from Orlanthi myth.
        1) Rape doesn't taint you with chaos because Rape is bad, it
taints you with chaos because it is connected with broos. Bad is not the
same as Chaotic.
        2) Every single culture in the world that knows about broos
knows that broos are connected with rape. The orlanthi myth may well be
the result of the broo/rape connection, not the other way round. You are
looking at things backwards.

        Jane Williams
>Do Pentans have to negotiate with elves to get the wood for
their wagons?
        No. There is a taiga up north, and plenty of pine trees abound.


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