From: Hibbs Philip (philip.hibbs@tnt.co.uk)
Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 20:39:07 EEST

>do we really need power and magic points? IMO be don't. Instead
>of Power we should use Constitution and instead of MP we
>should use Hit Points or Fatigue.

It has already been suggested that CON should regenerate MPs, and POW
holds them. That covers what you say about spirits and gods needing

>powerful magic would require the sacrifice of constitution =96 =
>or other characteristics

That would change things a lot, in RQ the POW spent on divine magic and
enchantments can be regained through 'magical' experience, switching to
CON or other stats is a big step. Maybe permanent fatigue points could
be spent and regained somehow. How about getting a 'fatigue tick' when
you reduce yourself to 0 fatigue in a stressful situation? You thus
learn to stretch yourself magically and physically further by actually
stretching yourself to the limit. Folks who play really safe and keep
huge matrices and crystals to back themselves up don't progress as fast.

The major drawback with this system is it resurrects the much-hated
Fatigue Points system, that so many referees either ignore or replace.

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