From: goihl@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 18:59:13 EEST

Hy Gloranthans,

I sent this over a month ago as head-hunting was a subject, but for some
reason (hopefully?) it came back during my vacation.

I just want to say that head-hunting is one of the few things I admire about
Orlanthi. Their sedentary life-style allows them this luxury, while we
Praxians have to be content with taking scalps, (My oldest just took his
first! I'm so proud), because of the need to limit the weight we carry
around. Thank you all for discussing this topic, as a result of which I
intend to introduce this quaint custom to my people. We'll have to limit it
to only the heads of chiefs or great warriors tho.
Happy Hunting! Daniel


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