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Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 23:33:11 EEST

Martin Laurie:
> Check out Enclosure for more details but basically Shargash is
> the source of the Vadrus myths and you know what a kick ass
> storm god HE was so think along those lines.

        Shargash=Vadrus is untrue. Vadrus, like Genert, is gone. Not
dead (like Basmol, who can still be contacted), _gone_. He was destroyed
during the Greater Darkness.

> Regarding the use of such magics agaisnt the Orlanthi, I'd say it
> is limited. Shargashi are _not_ popular in the Lunar army....

        No doubt true, but my original point was, "Look at how usefull
it would be to have Fly, Teleport, and Sylphs. Why haven't the Lunars

availed themselves of these tools?" If the Lunars can utilize Chaos,
this stuff about namby-pamby Yelmies not liking Air magic is a bunch
of hooey.

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