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Date: Mon 06 Oct 1997 - 23:40:22 EEST

Maurice Beyke:
> 3)We know that there has been at least one elf-human crossbreed
> in Glorantha; Pavis (though admitted, this was probably done with
> strong Youf mojo). Also connected with Pavis, his kids (I
> believe) were said to have bred with Flintnail, a mostali. Has
> there ever been any troll-human crosses, however? Tuskriders are
> called half trolls, but I got the impression that was not
> literally true. Any others out there, and how hard would it be?
> I would think it would be easier than the other two, trolls being
> much more similar to humans than either are to elves or dwarves.

        It seems to me that there was a long debate over elves and
dwarves on the Digest some time ago. I believe that the concensus was
that dwarves are lnked to the Man Rune; I don't remember clearly about
the elves. The point is, that as long as the races are linked to the
Man Rune, cross-breeding should not be more difficult for one than
another. (The Uz racial curse on Fertility would would complicate
things, of course.)


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