RE: new creation, zulus

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 01:51:15 EEST

        Jane Williams
>found that the metal associated with Air is Silver. The Moon
(not an
>element anyway in my book) doesn't get a metal.
                Sometimes the Air metal is considered to be bronze, in
which case Moon gets silver. The metal/elemental connections are far
from obvious in all cases.

>I'm also trying to sort out how animals get attached to the
elements: most
>is pretty obvious, but I'm still trying to understand how birds
can be
>Fire rather than Air.
                Think of it as "sky" instead of air, and it might make
more sense. Also consider that the huge majority of birds are diurnal,
light-loving creatures. In any case, the association of animals with
elements is a Theyalan practice which is far from universal.

         Andrew Joelson
* lot of people are commenting abut the YE/New Creation getting
interrupted before Storm came along. Could >someone please relate what

Sure. When the Spike was destroyed, a new chaos void appeared in the
middle of the universe (and Kajabor World-Killer stepped out). In the
middle of this void, a new, smaller creation started, in the same manner
that Glorantha started up in the middle of the larger chaos void. This
creation was halted by Magasta's success in plugging the hole, but four
of the five basic elements managed to get themselves created. Goddess
only knows what other relics from that second creation are floating
around the cosmos. The Young Elementals were basically unknown until
Lunar explorations turned them up. Note that this may help explain why
the Lunars don't particularly fear a Chaotic end to the universe.

>A Zulu Warrior had to 'wash his spear' (in blood) before he
could marry. A) all zulu males were warriors >unless they were witch
doctors. B) this did not apply to the women.
                Zulus didn't marry individually - a whole impi would be
married at once, to an impi of women. Each individual warrior didn't
have to have killed an enemy - it was enough for the impi to have
performed successfully in battle. In fact, any spear thrust into a
still-living enemy (it's possible that dead ones counted too) would
count as washing one's spear.


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