Rape and Chaos

From: Kevin J. Maroney (kmaroney@crossover.com)
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 02:34:44 EEST

Sandy Peterson wrote:
> 1) Rape doesn't taint you with chaos because Rape is bad, it
>taints you with chaos because it is connected with broos. Bad is not the
>same as Chaotic.
> 2) Every single culture in the world that knows about broos
>knows that broos are connected with rape. The orlanthi myth may well be
>the result of the broo/rape connection, not the other way round. You are
>looking at things backwards.

It's clearly established that Thed, the Mother of Broos, is intimately tied
up with Rape. (Was Ragnaglar the god of Rape? Or is Thed? Or is this
clear?) Rape, before the Birth of Wakboth, was no more chaotic than any
other sin, but is now inextricably tied up with Chaos.

Has there ever been any exploration of the ritual enacted by the Unholy
Trio to conceive and give birth to the Devil? I would be amazed if rape
didn't figure into it very prominently. That would link the act further to
Chaos, as well; any rape is, at least slightly, reenacting the creation of

I've always taken a very magic-rich interpretation of Glorantha. I believe
that Broos can breed with *any* living creature as long as they take it by
force, because of their link with Rape. (Actually, some times I don't limit
it to living creatures; somewhere in the vast wastes of the Glorantha is
the offspring of a Broo and a pile of broken glass.)

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