Totalitarian Uz n' Elves

From: James Frusetta (
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 04:22:42 EEST

David Dunham sez:

> James Frusetta, smarting from the suggestion that trolls would oppress
> humans, suggested:
Damn straight! Trolls are *liberators*. They liberate your food, your
magical items, your children... ;) This isn't oppression! It frees you
from material concerns... ;)

> Like much of Umathela? Sorry, but it doesn't seem terribly oppressive to
> me. More like being ruled by benevolent aliens. And at many times, the
> humans seem as much allies as subjects.
Mmm. Which is why I actually *did* specify Fronela, where the elves seem

more interested in a "convert by the sword" mentality (granted, they
haven't started yet -- it's a Hero Wars event). Love plants or get

Now, perhaps the Umathelans are varient Barksists, believing first in
"Ecology in One Country" and frowning on the World Ecologic Revolution of
the Fronelans...

But actually, the original poster (I thought -- I could be wrong) was
looking for totalitarian settings, yes? And if anything, the trolls aren't

No, really -- I'm not just being my usual uz apologist self. ;) Trolls
don't really seem to *care* about the culture of those they rule over, as
long as they get their tribute and can exploit food. They're like Turks or
Mongols -- aside from a few base restrictions, the subject peoples can do
what they want. The trolls have no interest in making them act like
trolls, just in exploiting you.

Elves (at least in Fronela) *do* strike me as Totalitarian, at least
within the confines of the Elf Forest. It's a nice life, perhaps, but with
many more restrictions than a troll would place on you: you fit a certain
facet of the ecology of the elf woods, or you leave/die. Seems rather
totalitarian to me...

Not that, say, I'm biased on these matters, or anything. ;)



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