Birds, Cows, and Old Dragon Pass

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Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 07:21:50 EEST

Jane writes:
> I'm still trying to understand how birds can be Fire rather than Air.

Birds are associated with sky. Fire/sky is generally considered one concept
in the runic scheme. Perhaps birds are associate with sky because of the
ancient Rhinliddic bird cult. Khordavu assigned "the bird" as a part of
Yelm, (which I'm sure you remember from your careful reading of GROY!)
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Pent? Flat and treeless? Sure, just like Mongolia.... (which has rolling
hills, rovers, marshes, trees along protected gullys, etc.)

>"Beyke, Maurice A"
> 1) Anyone have a good source for crop and stock (especially
> stock) yields in an agrarian society?

Jeff uses "Cattle Lords and Clansmen", which is about ancient Ireland. You
can probably find it on - a very scary site, as it is WAY too
easy to buy cool books...

(I've banned myself from the site until I finish paying off "Daily Life in
Ancient India", "The Worship of Shiva in Medieval India", and "Cartoon
History of the Universe", Vol's I & II)

> if anyone had detailed maps, history, etc.of DP.


There's a great map of old DP, along with lots of detail on Quiviniland, in
Enclosure, which is available from Neil Robinson, (
Lots of good stuff on Shargash & Peloria, too. It's a very reasonable
US$15, I believe.





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