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> I'm also trying to sort out how animals get attached to the elements: most

> is pretty obvious, but I'm still trying to understand how birds can be
> Fire rather than Air. I mean, a bird is a creature of the air the way a
> fish is a creature of the water. And apart from the Phoenix, birds and
> fires generally don't get on. Admittedly the only examples I've heard of
> birds specifically associated with sun cults are all large hawks, who
> presumably glide more than they flap and are therefore dependant on
> thermals, but what about the rest?
     I think the logic is that they are creatures of _sky_ as more than fire.
The solar gods are (usually) Sky gods. I suppose that in Glorantha some of
the birds might well be able to fly clear up to the Sky Dome. Perhaps the
original birds came from the sky realm and flew about before there was Air;
the reliance on air currents is something forced upon them. Might be some
sort of legend for that.

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