Elves, Pavis and Sorcery

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James Frusetta:
Offhand, how 'bout humans ruled over by *elves*?

David Dunham:
Like much of Umathela? Sorry, but it doesn't seem terribly oppressive to
me. More like being ruled by benevolent aliens. And at many times, the
humans seem as much allies as subjects.

Doesn't that depend on whether the elves in your campaign are
benevolent? Mine aren't. In my Pavis campaign, the natives view that
perhaps the only thing good about trolls is that they keep the elves
_in_ the Garden.

Maurice Beyke:
We know that there has been at least one elf-human crossbreed
in Glorantha; Pavis (though admitted, this was probably done with
strong Youf mojo). Also connected with Pavis, his kids (I
believe) were said to have bred with Flintnail, a mostali. Has

there ever been any troll-human crosses, however? Tuskriders are
called half trolls, but I got the impression that was not
literally true. Any others out there, and how hard would it be?
I would think it would be easier than the other two, trolls being
much more similar to humans than either are to elves or dwarves.

I view the half-elven Pavis as either a product of Sorcery (like the
beastmen and (one) Tusk Rider theory) or the result of (good or bad)
Heroquesting. In my Pavis, the races are not interbreedable. The above
theory goes for Pavis' unnamed daughter who married Flintnail. Hang on!
- - the Dwarves _do_ practice sorcery, don't they? Hmmm....

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