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From: Clark, Daren (
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 11:53:24 EEST

Thomas/ :
> Then I would like to make a small experiment in Glorantha. I wound
> miself with a knife deeply in my leg. Now I take dirt found in an
> Orlanth temple and put that stuff into my wound. Then I heal my wound
> with the dirt inside. After a while what has happened ?

Andrew Joelson:
>After performing such a ceremony, an Idiocy Spirit will doubtless
>answer your invocation....

I don't know about the Idiocy Spirit, but it seems appropriate. On another
slant, however, a true Orlanthi would baulk at performing what most would
construe as an act of sacrilege. If you were not an Orlanthi and the temple
guardian spirits decided to let your attempt to steel temple ground go
without note, then I wouldn't like to be in your shoes when you walk into
any but the friendliest temple with consecrated ground in your body. And of
course if they did take offence at your theft of temple ground, then even
though they are restricted to the temple they can follow you 'cos you have
the temple or at least part of it in you.


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