From: Dr M. D. Lay (michael.lay@ctsu.ox.ac.uk)
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 15:22:18 EEST

>do we really need power and magic points? IMO be don't. Instead
>of Power we should use Constitution and instead of MP we
>should use Hit Points or Fatigue.

So we would end up with powerful sorcerors that look like Arnold
Schwarzenegger (sp?). Frankly I do not like the concept that a
powerful sorceror should have the constitution of an elephant. Nor do
I see that an Orlanthi should cripple himself in order to cast
bladesharp 4 (4 points of damage ex 3-4 is a big chunk).

And as for fatigue, well, it was the first rule out of the window when
I started up my recent game. We prefer a "you do something absurd and
the GM penalises you" system.

Personally I *like* the concept that physically weak characters can be
magically powerful. Or indeed that powerful warriors can be felled by
the wave of a Challanna Arroy priestess' hand. I like the fact that those
who concentrate on the magical arts have to rely on their warrior
comrades and vice versa.

Essentially I am against anything that concentrates over reliance on
one statistic. I think that the overlap of CON/SIZ/STR could usefully
be addressed, but I do not feel that there should be any overlap
between the physical and magical stats.

Mike Lay
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