Red Storm

From: David Cake (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 06:22:15 EEST

Andrew Joelson
>"Look at how usefull
>it would be to have Fly, Teleport, and Sylphs. Why haven't the Lunars
>availed themselves of these tools?"

        Look at how useful it would be to have Fear, Shades, and Crush. Why
haven't the Orlanthi have darkness powers? (repeat for sorcery powers, or
even Lunar powers, or any other magic the Orlanthi don't have).

        Lunars can get access to air powers should they want. But its not
part of their culture, so by and large, they don't want.
        There was a story that Doskalos (who become the first Red Emperor)
had managed to obtain a teleport, so individual Lunars could have a trick
or two. But as air powers generally figure as enemies in their rituals,
putting in the effort to gain air powers tends to cut you off from the
mainstream religions like Yelm and the Lunar Religion, so they tend not
too. Of course, a few tough Lunars can have air powers stolen from their
enemies/ gained on heroquest, and so on, but its not going to be taught in
basic classes at the LCM, so its the exceptional Lunar that has the neat
        Excluding of course, Shargashi, who do have air powers and are
terrifying (which tends to confirm the general feeling that air powers are
something sensible Pelorians avoid), and the Southern Pelorians, who are
pretty close to Orlanthi in many ways (as Jeff has pointed out).


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