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Hello folks,

Patrik Sandberg here...

In my Dragon Pass/Sartar campaign the PCs have just decided not
to join King Broyan in his under-cover actions in Heortland
after the fall of Whitewall. They wanted to see family and kin
in at home instead.

So, instead of a promising career as housecarls of Broyan I'm
thinking of involving them in the Dragon conspiracy of 1625. I
picture this a a secret operation going on for many years before
actually interupting the Lunar ritual, with many schemes and
plot-lugs, secret messages delivered in the night, attempts at
making contact with specialists on celestial lore, dragon-stuff,
etc. The planning of the counter-ritual almost taking up as much
time and preparations as the Lunar ritual they're trying to

I know that this was discussed a little on the digest some
months ago. If I remember correctly the results included:

- - Orlaront and Faran Farosh are actually the same person.

- - It was unclear whether Starbrow, "Garrath-Argrath" or none of
them , were involved.

- - The interruption of the ritual were primarily a celestial
thing involving Orlanth's ring and Stormgate, aimed at "freeing
Orlanth". The true dragon appearing were an unexpected
side-effect. (KoS: "The dragon was unknown before. No one
recognized it. No one knew all the dragons of course, but even
Orlaront Dragonfriend did not know him.")

- - The Grazer chief were in the conspiracy: KoS p 115: "Jandetin
the Avenger /.../ entered into the dragon conspiracy. He
summoned the sun to fill him, and he danced in the dream part of
the ceremony where the dragons of the world destroyed the Lunar
leaders and army."

If the summoning of the dragon were intentional, on the other
hand, I find it very likely that somewhere in the ceremony or
the preparations, Garstal Shavetop, the dragon expert from ES,
should be involved.

Well, what I would be very grateful to receive is ideas and
inputs on the "1625-conspiracy". Especially such things that
could involve a group of PCs in a dark, secret, shadowy affair
with many twists and turns. If any of you have ideas or
theories, please let me know. If you don't want to take up space
on the digest, please mail my privately.

Many thanks in advance.

Patrik Sandberg


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