air powers of Peloria

From: Jeff Richard (
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 18:25:35 EEST

Howdy -

I find this discussion rather bizarre. The Pelandans and Alkothi
definitely have deities of the air - whether they have sylphs is another
thing. Another way of looking at a sylph is simply that it is a Wind
Spirit, and perhaps in Peloria only the Orlanthi have the mythic conception
that their god rules a host of Wind Spirits.

>Excluding of course, Shargashi, who do have air powers and are terrifying
(which tends to confirm the >general feeling that air powers are something
sensible Pelorians avoid),

Um, I agree that the Alkothi are terrifying - but not because of air
powers. I think that perhaps their practice of cannibalism before the Dawn
or maybe their blood-thirsty rampages through Darjiin have more to do with

>and the Southern Pelorians, who are pretty close to Orlanthi in many ways
(as Jeff has pointed out).

Not pretty close to Orlanthi - are Orlanthi. Heck, for most of Gloranthan
history the south Pelorian Orlanthi have had all the action.

Andrew Joelson wrote:
>Shargash=Vadrus is untrue. Vadrus, like Genert, is gone. Not dead (like
Basmol, who can still be contacted), _gone_. He was destroyed during the
Greater Darkness.

No and yes. That Shargash=Vadrus is not completely untrue, but it is true
that Vadrus is destroyed.



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