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From: Andrew Joelson (
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 19:10:41 EEST

> "Look at how usefull it would be to have Fly, Teleport, and Sylphs. Why
> haven't the Lunars availed themselves of these tools?"

David Cake:
> Look at how useful it would be to have Fear, Shades, and Crush. Why
> haven't the Orlanthi have darkness powers? (repeat for sorcery powers,
> or even Lunar powers, or any other magic the Orlanthi don't have).

        I imagine that the Kitori do have Shades & Crush, and that the
'Lunarized' Orlanthi of Vanch, Talastar, etc do have access to Lunes.
It's the Sartarites that are hung up on 'Storm-only' mode that don't.

        Also remember that though the Lunars do have an elemental
association of their own (the Moon), they are a people who strive for
balance, and cheerfully adopt the tools, strategies, etc of others.

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