Re: Rape and chaos

Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 20:22:47 EEST

Kevin Maroney:

<< I've always taken a very magic-rich interpretation of Glorantha. I believe
 that Broos can breed with *any* living creature as long as they take it by
 force, because of their link with Rape. (Actually, some times I don't limit
 it to living creatures; somewhere in the vast wastes of the Glorantha is
 the offspring of a Broo and a pile of broken glass.) >>

    I'd rule that the 'mother' has to at least have the physical equipment to
have offspring, so males and piles of broken glass are both out. Sterility of
the mother *isn't* a problem, but she at least has to have a womb, egg-laying
organs or whatever.

Foward the glorious Red Army!


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