Re: Half-elves?

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 19:34:00 EEST

Boris/Maurice asked:

>3)We know that there has been at least one elf-human crossbreed
>in Glorantha; Pavis (though admitted, this was probably done with
>strong Youf mojo).

I am less and less convinced that his mother was a brown or green elf. It's
much easier for humans to mate and propagate with a dryad.

>Also connected with Pavis, his kids (I
>believe) were said to have bred with Flintnail, a mostali.

One of his daughters married Flintnail. I don't recall any offspring.

>Has there ever been any troll-human crosses, however? Tuskriders are
>called half trolls, but I got the impression that was not
>literally true. Any others out there, and how hard would it be?

There are rumours, like the ones connecting Urrgh the Ugly with both a royal
house and trolls.

The easiest way to get a troll-human hybrid might be a Kyger Litor rebirth
ritual (one that doesn't end as a snack). The transformation is only partial
in body, after all.

>I would think it would be easier than the other two, trolls being
>much more similar to humans than either are to elves or dwarves.

Both Mostali and Dryads are shapeshifters of sorts, able to assume more or
less human(oid) guises, or to appear in their extreme guise (as a tree/as a
tool). This might enable either to take fully functional human shape...


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