Re: Totalitarian Uz n' Elves

Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 20:22:54 EEST

Dave Dunham in reply to Jamuz:

<< Like much of Umathela? Sorry, but it doesn't seem terribly oppressive to
me. More like being ruled by benevolent aliens. And at many times, the humans
seem as much allies as subjects.>>

<< Mmm. Which is why I actually *did* specify Fronela, where the elves seem
 more interested in a "convert by the sword" mentality (granted, they
 haven't started yet -- it's a Hero Wars event). Love plants or get
 planted! >>
    I agree with James... not all elves are the same. For instance, in
Fronela, the Vronkali have a much more dominant position that they do in
Umathela. I've always views the Vronkali as a much more militaristic lot than
the tree-hugging Mreli. They have a patriarchal, almost feudal culture by
comparison with their deciduous brethren. So the Fronelan elves may well take
a much more militant line towards the captalist-imperialist humans than the
Umathelans. The fact that Umathelan elves deal at all with humans implies a
pretty big difference in culture to start with; if the Winterwood/Erontree
lot ever get their way and conquer Fronela, I don't see it as a nice place
for red-bloods at all.
<< Elves (at least in Fronela) *do* strike me as Totalitarian, at least
within the confines of the Elf Forest. It's a nice life, perhaps, but with
many more restrictions than a troll would place on you: you fit a certain
facet of the ecology of the elf woods, or you leave/die. Seems rather
totalitarian to me...>>

    Hear, hear! (And it was about time somebody said that and spelled it

Forward the glorious Green Army!
    Leaf Davidobirch Brownstem
 (or something like that)


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