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Date: Tue 07 Oct 1997 - 19:34:00 EEST

Pam Carlson

>Sylphs among the Lunars:
>> The point to their fight in Sartar is to overcome the rebellious wind with
>> the (DHan) righteous forces, so to use air would be counterproductive.
>> (Funny that they don't have an inhibition WRT chaos, but that's the sky
>> worshippers for you...

>Joerg - you must have figured out by now that the Pelorians are NOT hung up
>on the old God Learner elemental/political distinctions. The Sartarite
>barbarians are not Storm, and storm is not foreign to Pelorians. The
>savages are hostile, and are standing in the way of a nice route to the

The barbarians are not storm? Come on, Pam, there are enough God Learner or
Theyalan Council influences in Dara Happa to identify Reb. Term. with Storm.
And after all the Dara Happan involvement with Sartar started with Moirades
and family stirring up the Dara Happans to smash that Storm God Rebellus
Terminus in Sartar, in 1602.

>And why not use chaos? The Pelorians apparently don't even have a
>special word for it. In the Pelorian writings we know about, the term
>"monsters" covers chaos, non-chaotic monsters, and barbarians alike.

The Pelorians have several terms for Strangers, and even classify "chaos"
(incompletes) with two separate terms (after their time of "creation"),
according to Entekosiad (HoddaKaga, NarNatsu). The classification as chaos
entities is made by Valare Addi, a Pelorian with a very limited (aka DHan)
perspective, judging from the way she clings to Plentonius' "truths".

I said
>>If the Lunars want sylphs, they'll get them from Orlanth.
>>If they want to fight Orlanth, no sylphs for the nasty Loonies...

>Given that the Lunar provinces of Aggar, Holay and Tarsh form the cradle of
>Heortling Orlanthi culture, I've long suspected that many battles between
>the "Lunars" and the Sartarites/Heortlenders can be characterized as
>traditional Orlanthi internecine warfare. During the assendancy of Fazzur
>Wideread, I wouldn't be surprised to see sylphs on both sides of the

Maybe. Extremely likely during his 1620 Heortland campaign, which was
against the Rokari lords, and a liberation of the local "pagan" cults from
Rokari oppression. I still think this is least likely during the wars which
served to crush Rebellus Terminus, after the positive identification with

I still would like to see a write-up of an Orlanthi society merged with the
Lunar deities. Talastar has a similar view of Bolthor as the Colymar have of
Blackmoor the Reddish, but either have only superficial contact with the
Lunar religion. Aggar, Tarsh, Holay and Sylila have had more intimate
contact, and for much longer. Even their storm worshippers may have adopted
the Lunar cults. How about a village with an Orlanth chieftain, an Irrippi
Ontor lawspeaker, a Yanafal Tarnils champion, etc.? A Heortling ring with
lots of Loonie deities on it?


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