Temple dirt infections

From: Joerg Baumgartner (joe@toppoint.de)
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 00:41:00 EEST

belatedly Re: Thomas Gottschall's temple dirt experiment:
> Then I would like to make a small experiment in Glorantha. I wound
> miself with a knife deeply in my leg. Now I take dirt found in an
> Orlanth temple and put that stuff into my wound. Then I heal my wound
> with the dirt inside. After a while what has happened ?

You will most likely receive a severe dosis of impests living in that wound,
slowly breeding (or inviting) other, related spirits less under the control
of Great Orlanth.

(Didn't it ever strike you to ask who Orlanth's source for the impests was?
The obvious answer would be Malia, maybe for hearing out her case in the
Unholy Trio and Thed Rape trial...)


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