RE: elfs

From: Sandy Petersen (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 01:23:09 EEST

>In Fronela, the Vronkali have a much more dominant position
that they do in Umathela. So the Fronelan elves >may well take a much
more militant line towards the captalist-imperialist humans than the
Umathelans. The >fact that Umathelan elves deal at all with humans
implies a pretty big difference in culture; if the Winterwood >lot ever
get their way and conquer Fronela, I don't see it as a nice place for
red-bloods at all.
                In light of these and similar comments, it's probably
useful to mention that the Rathori and green elves are old allies who
work together vs. the civilized peoples. Traditionally, the Rathori
campaign during the summer, and the green elves during the winter (while
the Rathori are hibernating) The relationship is not unlike that of the
Umathelan barbarians, in that you have elves and barbaric humans
fighting against city folk. One difference is that the Rathori are less
subservient than the Umathelan humans, but this might result from the
fact that the elves of Fronela are less numerous than those of Umathela,
so less able to dominate.


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