Namby-pamby Dara Happans in charge...

From: Joerg Baumgartner (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 00:41:00 EEST

Andrew Joelson
> Shargash=Vadrus is untrue. Vadrus, like Genert, is gone. Not
>dead (like Basmol, who can still be contacted), _gone_. He was destroyed
>during the Greater Darkness.

Shargash was chained. Not much difference to a god of unbridled violence, as
Vadrus is commonly regarded to be...

>> Regarding the use of such magics agaisnt the Orlanthi, I'd say it
>> is limited. Shargashi are _not_ popular in the Lunar army....

> No doubt true, but my original point was, "Look at how usefull
>it would be to have Fly, Teleport, and Sylphs. Why haven't the Lunars
>availed themselves of these tools?" If the Lunars can utilize Chaos,
>this stuff about namby-pamby Yelmies not liking Air magic is a bunch
>of hooey.

"Izzat so? Report that to General Euglyptus, now, or better yesterday. The
General will tell you about namby-pamby while you carry his sedan chair
across Upland Marsh..."

And with Tatius the Bright in charge, things get worse because Tatius is
(sort of) magically competent (although militarily an absolute catastrophe -
imagine to spend the better part of 5000 Lunar souls to storm an abandoned

Like it or not, the Dara Happans sponsored Moirades' dearest wish to conquer
Sartar, and then they kept most of the spoils, too. Not even the classical
eel surfeit could change that...


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