GLs again?!

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Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 00:50:04 EEST

Joerg Baumgartner:
> The barbarians are not storm? Come on, Pam, there are enough God Learner
> or Theyalan Council influences in Dara Happa to identify Reb. Term. with
> Storm. And after all the Dara Happan involvement with Sartar started
> with Moirades and family stirring up the Dara Happans to smash that Storm
> God Rebellus Terminus in Sartar, in 1602

        Oh come on, the GLs didn't get to Peloria, we've been over that
before. Blocked by the proto-Carmainians & EWF.
        As for Thelayan Council influence, that has stronger possibilities.
The problem is that you are concentrating too much on anal-retentive Yelmies.

You can be sure the Carmanians didn't charge into the Dragon Pass wars to
smash a Yelmic boogey man. Neither did the Blue Moon Plateau Trolls. All

this guff about smashing Rebellus Terminous is just pushing the buttons
for the Dara Happans; makes 'em want to go along with the others who want to;

a) smash their neighbors (Tarsh)
b) pillage their ancestral enemies (Vanch & Saird)
c) make contact with Dagori Inkarth (BMP trolls)
d) open up trade routes to the sea (Carmania and lots of others)
        And there were probably a lot of other, lesser reasons.

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