Rebellus Terminus and the Lunar Storm

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Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 00:56:51 EEST

Joerg wrote:
>The barbarians are not storm? Come on, Pam, there are enough God Learner or
>Theyalan Council influences in Dara Happa to identify Reb. Term. with Storm.

Joerg is right, Orlanth has been identified with Rebellus Terminus by
the Dara Happans since the First Age (see GRoY) - which also marks the
identification of Yelm with the Evil Emperor by the Theyalans. This
cross-cultural identification and the acknowledgement by the Genertelan
High Council that Yelm/Evil Emperor had a role in the post-Dawn universe
is IMO the core of the Theyalan belief in the Compromise.

>And after all the Dara Happan involvement with Sartar started with Moirades
>and family stirring up the Dara Happans to smash that Storm God Rebellus
>Terminus in Sartar, in 1602.

Of course, Moirades' interest in subjugating Sartar was a traditional
Tarshite ambition rooted in the glories of Greater Tarsh during the 14th
and 15th centuries - in other words, traditional Orlanthi politics.
Unfortunately for Moirades, he was entirely too successful at stirring
up the Dara Happans. Instead of Dara Happan auxilaries under Tarshite
leadership, Moraides ended up with an Imperial crusade. It wasn't until
the Dara Happan troops were massacred during Starbrow's rebellion that
the Tarshites managed to gain control over Sartar.

Much of the history of Dragon Pass from 1560-1630 can be viewed from the
perspective of conflicts between old Tarshite ambitions and rising Dara
Happan dominence within the Imperial court.

>I still would like to see a write-up of an Orlanthi society merged with the
>Lunar deities. Talastar has a similar view of Bolthor as the Colymar have of
>Blackmoor the Reddish, but either have only superficial contact with the
>Lunar religion. Aggar, Tarsh, Holay and Sylila have had more intimate
>contact, and for much longer. Even their storm worshippers may have adopted
>the Lunar cults. How about a village with an Orlanth chieftain, an Irrippi
>Ontor lawspeaker, a Yanafal Tarnils champion, etc.? A Heortling ring with
>lots of Loonie deities on it?

Joerg, ask and ye shall receive. You just have to wait a little while.
However, there should be some good material on this at GloranthaCon Down



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