Broo capabilities

From: Jane Williams (
Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 02:30:12 EEST

Trotsky said:
> I'd rule that the 'mother' has to at least have the physical equipment
> to have offspring, so males and piles of broken glass are both out.
> Sterility of the mother *isn't* a problem, but she at least has to have
> a womb, egg-laying organs or whatever.

I seem to remember that the reason Muriah's broo gang are said to have
resented her is her sterility. While I doubt if this was the whole story,
it does sound as if it had *some* effect on them.

Personally I go for the idea that broo can impregnate *anything*. It's
just that some things are more difficult than others. Fertile female
mammals are easy. Anything progressively harder (infertile female, male,
non-mammal, inanimate object, True Dragon) requires a ritual of
progressively greater difficulty. This ritual doesn't actually have to
involve acute discomfort for the victim in order to work, but broo being
broo, it usually does anyway.

My guess would be that feral broo know no such rituals. Broo gangs such as
in the Rubble know at least the ones for male humans. And good old
Ralzakark knows the lot, of course. The only question is whether he can
be bothered.

Jane Williams


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