Red Storm Rising?

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Date: Wed 08 Oct 1997 - 20:46:25 EEST

Jeff Richard
>I agree that the Alkothi are terrifying - but not because of air
>powers. I think that perhaps their practice of cannibalism before the Dawn
>or maybe their blood-thirsty rampages through Darjiin have more to do with

        Sure. But when the Yelmic priest tells you storm powers are
troublesome and bad, the presence of the Shargashi in the Yelmic pantheon
is not really going to be a strong counterargument.
        'hey, its not true that all of the storm are bad, look at Shargash,
he is into storm powers, and he is a good guy.'
        'A dangerous, homicidal, terrifying guy that happens to be on our
side, you mean.'
        'errr... yeah.'

>>and the Southern Pelorians, who are pretty close to Orlanthi in many ways
>(as Jeff has pointed out).
>Not pretty close to Orlanthi - are Orlanthi.

        Well, I'd say were Orlanthi, and are begining to vary a bit more.
But we would be quibbling over definitions - I think we both have pretty
much the same conception of what the Southern Pelorians are actually like.
Culturally, the Southern Pelorians are Orlanthi as opposed to Dara Happan
or 'Pelorian'. But when we are talking culture, we are using those terms in
an unusual way, where 'Orlanthi' does not imply worshipping Orlanth, and
'Pelorian' does not apply to everyone who lives in Peloria. In this sense,
yes, the Southern Pelorians are 'Orlanthi' but that doesn't mean I want to
refer to, say, the Fazzurites, as Orlanthi, even though culturally they are
Orlanthi not Pelorian.

Andrew Joelson
> I imagine that the Kitori do have Shades & Crush, and that the
>'Lunarized' Orlanthi of Vanch, Talastar, etc do have access to Lunes.
>It's the Sartarites that are hung up on 'Storm-only' mode that don't.

        'Storm-only'? The 'Storm Only' Sartarites use Storm, Earth, and
Light powers quite happily. Mainstream Sartarite tribes avoid darkness
powers in general, and have myths of opposition to them. Because of this,
the Kitori have to cut themselves off from some Sartarite religious
practices somewhat (Elmal, all those Orlanth myths about beating up on
trolls) in order to maintain their strong darkness connections (not that
the Kitori think of it that way, but the Kitori know that they will never
be truly at peace with the other Orlanthi tribes). But that variant exists.
        And similarly, there are people within the Pelorian culture that
use Storm powers. But adherents of the mainstream Lunar or Dara Happan
religions generally do not. And due to all the myths about Storm being bad
and troublesome (or alternately servile and unimportant - Dara Happan
Entekos, frex), gaining powers of storm cuts you off somewhat from
mainstream Lunar or Dara Happan religious practice - but variants do exist
that gain Storm powers, such as the Shargashi. And the Lunar empire is
willing to use them.

        But it seems like what you were asking was not 'why don't there
exist some variant Pelorian religions that access storm powers' but 'why
doesn't the mainstream Lunar religion use storm powers?'. Well, because
their religion doesn't give them access to storm powers directly, its as
simple as that. So meeting Lunars that have storm powers is as odd, or even
odder, than meeting Orlanthi with Darkness powers. Which doesn't mean it
doesn't happen, but it does mean it doesn't happen routinely.




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